Ellen Porteus

Ellen Porteus is a Newcastle-born illustrator, now living in beautiful Melbourne. She uses her super bold graphic style to build colourful, surreal worlds in the form of captivating patterns. With a background in graphic design, Ellen works digitally and has a penchant for creating mind-melting looping GIFs.

Ellen honed her skills while studying Visual Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney. After graduating in 2014, Ellen got a taste of the illustration industry by scoring Bloomberg Businessweek as her first commercial client. Her foot in the door, she said ‘laterz’ to her graphic design day job and dove straight into freelancing. Since then, she has done work for such clients as The New York Times, Sydney Opera House, The Guardian, Le Monde and Leo Burnett.

When Ellen is away from her desk, she can usually be found dreaming up new projects, making a mess in the kitchen, or watching/discussing Law & Order SVU.
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